PeerStreet Announces New Software Integration with Liquid Logics

The company shows its commitment to technology innovation with one-click
loan document submission

an award-winning platform for investing in real estate backed loans,
today announced a powerful new integration with Liquid
, a market-leading loan origination software (LOS) platform.
This integration is another milestone in PeerStreet’s mission to build a
stronger, more modern, and more transparent marketplace for both private
lenders and accredited investors.

Now, approved lenders can submit loan information and documents directly
to PeerStreet for evaluation — and potential sale — with a single click.
This streamlines the loan submission process, reducing the risk of human
error and enabling lenders to focus on making more loans and maintaining
client relationships.

“By creating this seamless integration, the loan submission process is
easier. And when that process is easier, there are more opportunities
for lenders to sell their loans to a diverse pool of investors,” said
Brew Johnson, co-founder and CEO of PeerStreet. “That stands to benefit
our entire marketplace: more loans from our lender network means more
opportunities for PeerStreet investors to better diversify their
investment portfolios. That demand for diversification then increases
the overall demand for investments in loans, which further fuels lenders
who in turn work with more high-quality borrowers. It is a virtuous
cycle that benefits all participants.”

Liquid Logics is an ideal partner for such an integration, with their
best-in-class technology and renowned LOS platform.

“We’re very excited about this partnership, as it solidifies
next-generation technologies in the FinTech space by merging loan
origination directly into PeerStreet’s investor marketplace,” said Sam
Kaddah, founder and CEO of Liquid Logics. “With this partnership, Liquid
Logics helps lenders achieve faster and more efficient lending cycles by
connecting them to additional sources of capital from PeerStreet —
allowing them to do more business and to do it better.”

This system integration is the first of more potential LOS integrations
to come for PeerStreet this year, as the company looks to build on its
momentum. In 2018 alone, PeerStreet surpassed $1 billion invested on
their platform.


PeerStreet is an award-winning investment platform that democratizes
access to real estate debt investments. The company’s unique
technology-driven marketplace enables accredited investors to diversify
their capital in a fixed-income asset class that had previously been
difficult for individuals to access.

Residential and commercial property loans are sourced from vetted
private lenders throughout the United States who have regional real
estate expertise and long-term borrower relationships. PeerStreet
enables these lenders to expand their lending capital, empowering them
to make more loans, which flows through to borrowers who in turn improve
their local communities, one house at a time. Backed by noted venture
capital firms including Andreessen Horowitz, PeerStreet was founded in
2013 and has had over $1.7 billion invested in loans to date.


Liquid Logics is a FinTech company that provides next-generation,
cloud-based, lending-centric CRM, Loan Origination Software (LOS), doc
engine, loan servicing, draw and construction management, asset & REO
management, investor management, and fund pool management primarily for
private/hard money lenders.

The system was built around the borrower experience with an emphasis on
simplicity and speed for the Loan Officer. Liquid Logics is passionate
about helping private lenders improve their businesses by streamlining
the loan process. Liquid Logics strives to make its software the best in
the market for all users, including borrowers, outside investors and
lender employees.

Although loan origination software is its bread and butter, it only
describes something Liquid Logics does – not who Liquid Logics is. At
its core, Liquid Logics is a business solutions company dedicated to
facilitating growth, minimizing workloads, and making private lenders
the best they can be. For more information please contact the marketing
desk at
or sales at


Seres Lu

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