Early Bitcoin and Ethereum Developers Set to Roll-Out “Skywire” – a New, Decentralized Internet from Skycoin

Skywire is Designed to Eliminate the Privacy and Security Issues Found on the Internet

SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 23, 2019 / After nearly a decade of development, the team behind the third-generation cryptocurrency Skycoin are ready to unveil their groundbreaking flagship project: a new, decentralized Internet called Skywire. Built from the ground up using cutting-edge new technology, Skywire was designed to completely eliminate the privacy and security deficiencies of the Internet as everyone knows it.

“Skycoin has created the foundation for a new decentralized Internet and the most advanced blockchain application platform in the world,” a spokesperson for Skycoin said, adding that over 10,000 hardware nodes have already been deployed for Skywire around the globe. These nodes, part of sophisticated custom hardware and software called Skyminers, form the backbone of this new Internet. More Skyminer nodes coming online means that the potential reach of Skywire is growing.

Skywire is designed to be fundamentally faster than the current Internet, as well as much more secure with unprecedented privacy protection. “All traffic on Skywire is encrypted end-to-end,” said a spokesperson. “The technology we’ve developed makes tracking or spying on users literally impossible. The kinds of privacy violations we’ve seen from Facebook and Google simply couldn’t happen on Skywire.” That’s great news for the increasing number of Internet users who are uncomfortable with the invasive and obscure policies of social media companies, and wish to have greater control over who has access to their private data, and how it is used.

Skywire technology includes putting the hardware infrastructure for Skywire directly into the hands of its users, which will eventually eliminate the need for Internet Service Providers altogether. Operating a low-power Skyminer is as simple as plugging it into a home Internet router, which users are incentivized to do by earning cryptocurrency just for keeping nodes online. Skywire is designed to be hardware agnostic, meaning that people can buy Skyminers directly from Skycoin, or build their own using inexpensive materials available online. Running a Skyminer is an attractive investment for anyone who wishes to help build the Skywire infrastructure, but is not necessary in order to use the network.

“When Skyminers are attached to antennas, they can begin to link together into a wireless network that doesn’t require traditional Internet access in order to function, and can be accessed freely by any computer or device that can connect to a WiFi signal,” a spokesperson explained.

Users will not have to choose between two Internets; Skywire will allow access to the existing Internet for those who want the best of both worlds, though the ultimate in speed, privacy and security can only be found on Skywire.

The nature of Skywire’s decentralized and distributed infrastructure makes it considerably more robust than the current Internet, which has centralized access points through ISPs.

Skycoin will roll out a public mainnet for Skywire soon, which will mark the final phase in its launch. The first fully-functional large-scale mesh network running Skywire will debut in New York City before the end of the year, with other major cities around the world coming online in the near future as Skywire continues its ambitious worldwide roll-out.

Interviews may be scheduled via email: team@skycoin.net.

About Skycoin

Skycoin is bringing people what they want: a truly decentralized network without any central authority. Founded in 2011 by early developers of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Skycoin quickly grew into an ecosystem of exciting and ambitious projects, including Skywire, the new decentralized Internet; CX, a revolutionary full-featured blockchain application programming language; and the cryptocurrency itself, Skycoin – simple to use, with virtually-free transactions that execute almost instantly. In 2020, Skycoin will release a superior “web-of-trust” blockchain consensus algorithm called Obelisk, which solves the problems inherent to “proof-of-work” and “proof-of-stake” protocols, both of which are slowing down and compromising the integrity of other major cryptocurrencies. For more background, please visit https://www.skycoin.net/


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