Monetary Policy Breaking People’s Back in Pursuit of Globalization

BERKELEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2019 / Orthodox monetary policies of many nations are powering the rich to be richer and poor to be poorer – that’s a whopping 90% of the world’s population.

“The promise of globalization has failed because ONE critical tool has been missing from day one – a single universal currency to facilitate the exchange of goods and services without breaking the backs of ordinary people with exorbitant foreign exchange fees,” says one of the Milky Way Founders of the Swiss Shakti Stiftung.

Going back to the basics, what was the goal of globalization? To improve the quality of life for those who belong to the marginal communities across the world, whether they live in developed or developing countries. Let’s unpack it with a practical question for the benefit of economic policy advisors and leaders of thoughts; how many Automotive Engineers can change engine oil? Probably, almost everyone can if they want to do it.

They have the intellect, hands-on experience with ongoing professional training, and above all, access to knowledgeable friends just a phone call away. Moreover, automakers design their vehicles for ordinary people to follow do-it-yourself instructions for performing essential maintenance such as changing the engine oil. Almost all car owners can change the oil if they’re willing to, irrespective of them being an automotive engineer.

But almost everyone will fail miserably without the appropriate tool! On the other hand, if they all have access to hydraulic lift or ramp, all of them will be capable of changing the engine oil. Any attempt to get the same job done without the necessary equipment to perform the same task – such as a manual or a hi-lift scissor jack or a portable ramp will break their backs. That’s why 90% of the world’s population lives on hand-to-mouth – paycheque to paycheque because they are all using the wrong tool to exchange their valuables around the globe.

There is no going back to the globalization we once deemed possible. We no longer can work with a relic monetary tool if we wish to see the marginalized families live to their full potential. The global population needs a single currency that’s available to all. The currency should be practical, easy to use, and simple enough for people across the world to understand it, see it, touch it and enjoy the benefits of using it. Moreover, every time that “single” currency gets used, it must aid and add material value in the lives of ordinary human beings – not just for the ultra-rich.

Shakti Coin is one such currency – its protocol is transparent and straightforward. It is smart, practical, and as powerful as the hydraulic lift. Further, it is easily understood by those who need it most. This blockchain-powered cryptocurrency fixes school attendance and extends financial inclusion to the weakest by using a new protocol – Proof-of-Effort (PoE). This will propel every family on the planet Earth to educate their children and reward those who try every day.

Shakti Coin’s four-part whitepaper defines the various social and economic benefits that it offers to communities, with its stable coin ecosystem.

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