Multi-DLT Platform AtromG8’s Token to List on Bibox Exchange

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / March 8, 2020 / A multi-DLT platform ATROMG8 is all set to list its token ATROM on Bibox Exchange on 10 March 2020. ATROM holders could now be able to buy and sell with a 0.1% trading fees. Users will be able to trade in ATROM/BTC and ATROM/USDT pairs post the listing. The announcement was made by ATROMG8 earlier on 24 February 2020 in their Telegram community and Facebook.

The China-based exchange, Bibox is one of the most rapidly growing crypto trading platforms focused on expanding its offering globally. The platform provides users with access to networks in the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Estonia, and more countries and regions for better and increased service to its users.

In spite of just beginning in 2017, Bibox has been doing exceptionally well for a recent market entrant and is currently generating a good amount of trading volume. The company holds the 21st ranking among the top 100 exchanges by trading volume listed by Coinmarketcap. Having evolved as one of the largest exchanges of late, Bibox is backed by a team of highly experienced and skilled personnel that account for its impeccable community and management system. Featuring a vast number of crypto coins on its platform, aided with nominal fees and high market exposure, Bibox presently plays host to over 6 million users across the world.

ATROMG8, a service-to-society community, built around overcoming the inadequacies of the existing social structures with the use of emerging technologies, delivers solutions in the form of software which recreate disruptive infrastructure for the time to come. Headquartered in Switzerland, ATROMG8 has been contributing significantly in the development of communication and value exchange systems since its inception. The company has recently launched the ATROMG8 Messenger with an innate payment gateway (ATROM GATE) facility that enables immutable and transparent interactions and transactions among its users. The transactions made on this platform are secure and not susceptible to cyber-attacks and data thefts.

The company has also been making the headlines for its apparent association with the USA-based Global Blockchain and AI provider, Accubits Technologies in its mission to launch the World’s First Enterprise Blockchain Satellite, dubbed CHAINSAT, into the earth’s orbit. The project is aimed at developing an enterprise Blockchain ledger that allows Blockchain networks to access the decentralized ledger and carry out transactions exclusively via direct satellite communication. This, with limiting the involvement with the internet, also limits the threats and losses inflicted by it. ATROMG8 is further expanding the virtue of CHAINSAT by congregating it with its new Blockchain IDSP-based application designed to promote and support a balanced educational structure worldwide for students and faculty, notwithstanding their gender, race, origin, religion and financial structure.

With a vision to build a bridge between consumer and service provider, ATROMG8 is a multichain platform that aims to provide multiple services in one application ensuring security and privacy with three elements: a safe communication ecosystem, integration of payment gateways and country-specific offerings with licensed service providers for the real-time ecosystem. Its discrete coin ATROM is to be a vital component in furnishing the future that ATROMG8 visualizes for a decentralized tomorrow.

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