How Hustlemantherapper Found His Flow

If you haven’t heard a song from Hustlemantherapper (@hustlemantherapper) yet, you’re missing out. The artist from Texas has one of the smoothest flows around, and his latest release “My Wrist” just further proves that the man is destined for greatness and mass appeal in the music industry.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2020 / One of the biggest questions hip hop artists and artists of any kind often encounter is the question of how they came by their unique style. In this case, we ask Hustlemantherapper who’s regular name is Jerry Rodriguez how he attained his trademark flow, which sounds like a mixture between east and west coast vibes.

Jerry says that he has always been musically inclined. Ever since he was a little kid, he would play around with different instruments at home and at school, doing his best to figure out the differences between each instrument and how he could make each one sound good. He says that he was always skilled at creating melodies, and this has led him to be able to not only rap but also produce beats as well. He’s truly a versatile guy.

But as for his rap flow, Jerry says that he wasn’t really influenced by anyone. Often times we hear of rappers getting influenced by Tupac, who is a famous inspiration for Kendrick Lamar and plenty of other rappers. But Hustlemantherapper says that his inspiration was simply himself. He just wanted to make the kind of music that he would feel good listening to, and the kind of music his friends would also enjoy.

Jerry really hates the idea of conforming to anything. Whether that be in the music industry or just everyday life. In every sense of the word, Jerry enjoys maintaining his originality. And we can really see this in his music and just the way he is as a human being. Jerry is simply himself. There’s no one else that sounds like him or acts like him, and that’s exactly the way he wants it to be. For Jerry, being original is the only way to make it in this industry for the long term. And long term is exactly how long Jerry wants to stay in the music business.

He says that no matter how successful he gets, or how much money he makes, he wants to continue making music for as long as people will listen. And he will likely make music after people stop listening as well (if they ever do). If he stops making music professionally, Jerry says that he still wants to be involved behind the scenes in the music industry. He wouldn’t mind becoming an executive on a label such as Atlantic, and he wouldn’t mind mentoring younger artists either.

Jerry simply loves music and he plans on releasing more music very soon. As he works his way up to the release of his next EP, Jerry will drop a few more singles. Once this lockdown is over, Jerry also hopes to get on tour. He believes that touring is one of the most rewarding parts of being a rapper. He loves interacting with his fans, and he enjoys bringing smiles to their faces as they watch him perform.

As far as his legacy goes, Jerry wants to leave this earth as an inspiration. He hopes to inspire people to reach for the stars and go after their passion as if money didn’t even matter. He says that if you pursue your passion and work relentlessly towards achieving it, the money will just come as a byproduct of all that effort and hard work. He says that if he can do it, then anyone can do it, so just believe and yourself and work for it. We’d have to agree with him there.

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