Super Storage in 5G Age Galaxy Network will be Released Soon!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 24, 2020 / In the era of big data, the data generated in real time is growing exponentially. The traditional data storage and control management usually rely on the trusted central organization. The management defect or attack of the central node may lead to privacy data leakage or even network paralysis, which is easy to cause a series of chain reactions. At the same time, the demand for large data storage space and transmission speed has posed a huge challenge to the existing network technology. With the rapid development of the digital economy, the intelligent era of the Internet of everything is approaching, and a new infrastructure network with excellent performance is urgently needed to promote the development of the whole social economy.

Facing the challenges of network security, blockchain based on distributed ledger technology has a natural advantage in the field of network security from improving data integrity and digital identity to protecting the security of IoT devices to prevent denial of service attacks. The IPFS network protocol aims to replace the traditional Internet HTTP protocol, will completely change the performance of the entire network from the bottom, and accelerate the speed of data storage, transmission and distribution.

Where is the future of distributed storage?

The only belief in blockchain guardians-technology.

What verification technology is used? –Safety, efficiency, landing

When everyone talks about Filecoin, a super storage public chain that combines the advantages of blockchain + IPFS underlying technology-Galaxy Network has emerged!

It will promote the accelerated landing of WEB3.0, start the era of blockchain 4.0, and carry out subversive changes from the network to life.

  • Galaxy Network breaks through the improved “data encryption and deduplication” technology, not only can personal and corporate data be stored securely, but also expands the data storage space by more than 5 times, the limit value is under development and testing
  • Galaxy Network has the world’s first “POD + PDP + PoUw” ombination algorithm, which optimizes access speed, capacity, distrust, cost, broadband and latency issues
  • Galaxy Network is the world’s first “sharding” technology, providing a high-throughput storage model based on transaction sharding and network sharding

Blockchain project with the only military background in the world

The Galaxy Network team is a strong combination of the former Israeli military dignitaries and the world’s top ten scientific research institutes, the Weizmann Institute, to build top technical barriers; To provide a global data distributed storage and network acceleration solution, Galaxy Network started development based on the advantages of blockchain + IPFS underlying technology, using Big data + AI to dynamically adjusts storage space allocation to link global distributed storage resources. At the same time, Galaxy Network breaks many limits of IPFS, and upgrading the entire network architecture can not only improve the online experience of individual users, but also improve the overall performance of Internet companies by ten to hundred times, which saves 60-80% of the costs of enterprises.

Explore the vast universe IPGE starts from here

In terms of security search, Galaxy Network has developed a search engine IPGE (Interplanetary Google), which is comparable to the new generation of Google. It is based on the search layer of the Galaxy Network system and aims to sweep away the shortcomings of the current traditional search engines, which return the ownership of the data to users and put an end to unethical behavior such as grabbing user data, and protect user data ownership and privacy.

IPGE makes more extended application and underlying innovations based on traffic entrances, which can directly and seamlessly migrate hundred billions dollar in the market. It will be the world’s first distributed storage project that deploys a data ecosystem chain, and also the first and super entrance for users to enter the global network world.

Global original application service to solve commercial landing problem of DAPP

Based on the innovative underlying technology and logical thinking architecture, the Galaxy Network team not only focuses on solving the current pain points of the Internet, but also focuses on breaking the bottleneck in the blockchain industry and planning future trends and developments. In view of the problem that blockchain technology is stagnant and hard to land, Galaxy Network first uses academic-level and industrial-level attempts to build an open platform for blockchain storage, combining with commercial application scenarios, so that DAPP to be flexibly and stably built on the basis of the Galaxy Network storage network.

Six application matrixes to build Galaxy Network universal ecosystem

Galaxy Network has set up six top-level business application matrices: IPGE decentralized search engine, Galaxy Network CLOUD encrypted private cloud disk, Galaxy Network PLAY game platform, Galaxy Network PLUS streaming media acceleration, Gchat anonymous social networking, and Galaxy AI visual intelligence.

The Galaxy Network public beta is is coming, so stay tuned!


Person: Jax Ji


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